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Updated March 17, 2014

Destruction of the Monarch Pet Spa at Arroyo Burro begins.  I witnessed them jackhammering out the beautiful bathtubs on Saturday, March 15.  A very sad day for dogs & dog lovers in Santa Barbara.  Still waiting for a response from County supervisors about why they have to dismantle this nice facility instead of allowing someone new to manage it.

Dog Days Santa Barbara walked the beach at Hendry's on Saturday, March 15 handing out free samples of their Beach BBQ Bites Organic Chicken Jerky treats.  They created this new jerky treat in partnership with Shalhoob Santa Barbara Style meat company to provide a healthy, affordable premium treat that also benefits local dog shelters & rescues.  Look for the people with big blue dogs on their shirts at Hendry's again next Saturday, March 22nd to get your free sample. You can also buy them online right now to treat your dog and help support shelters at the same time.

 The dog of one of the Hot Shot firefighters who died in the fires left behind his dog, Copper.  An Arizona couple has now adopted him and given him a great new home.

  Puppies arrive from Sochi Olympics to their new homes in Denver.  Unfortunately, two puppies did not survive the long wait for the journey home.

DAWG to the Rescue: KEYT reported that DAWG is doing its part to help local chihuahuas from Lompoc, Santa Maria, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara find new homes. All 52 will be heading east to states where small dogs are in high demand.

USA Today reports that Olympian Gus Kenworthy is bringing home four puppies and their mother to Colorado. The dogs have to travel separately due to his schedule, but they will join him and his family in Denver soon. The dogs have received their vaccinations and have travel itineraries.  They are a family of dog lovers.  His Mom is adopting the mother dog, and his brothers are each taking a puppy.

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